The Family – An Integral Part of the Alcohol Treatment Program

When it comes to alcohol treatment programs, it is a fact that the success rates would be quite less if the family was not involved to the extent that they are. Basically, the family is related to the core of any treatment program, right from the time when the addict is to be convinced that he or she needs treatment, to the decision about whether to have strawberry punch or some other for the homecoming party. The family also forms an integral part of the entire patient-treatment chain of events, right from maintenance medication to having a constant monitor on the patient’s condition.

Here are just some of the ways in which the family helps in an alcohol treatment program:

1. Convincing the Patient: Many medical professionals as well as common men will agree that the most difficult part of a treatment program is to convince the person suffering to accept that he or she needs treatment. Of course, this can be a tad simpler in a physical illness, because of the obvious reasons, but when it comes to de-addiction programs, it requires a lot of coaxing on the emotional front to get the person into the treatment center, which can only be handled well either by family and loved ones or close friends.

This is where the family has to create an awareness atmosphere for the individual who is addicted to alcohol. Also, the family may have to create an intervention group and work closely with an intervention specialist. This is quite an important part of the entire rehabilitation program because the individual is almost always in denial of his or her condition.

2. The Right Treatment: Once the person is convinced that he or she require treatment or de-addiction, they may fly in a flurry and join into the first treatment facility that they can drive into. Very frankly, the first symptoms of a drunken life can be quite devastating to any person, and they may just join any treatment facility to get away from their problems. It is during such times that the family should put their heads together and look for the best option for the treatment. The family will have to look in to various aspects, like the quality of the treatment, the logic of it all, and of course, the financial aspect of it.

It goes without saying that outside help would always be needed for something like this. Therefore, the family would be the group of people to get in touch with the required counselors and also ensure that the entire process of admissions is carried out smoothly.

3. Keeping Track: The process of alcohol treatment is neither a simple or nor is it a quick one. The process consists of quite a few roadblocks, milestones etc, which have to kept in view by someone, and the family is one of the best groups to do this. The family would meet the doctors and other medical personnel taking care of the individual and ensure that their treatment is being carried out in a streamlined and quick manner.

Also, the family should understand that the person undergoing the program is isolated and out of contact of their friends and other acquaintances. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the family to act as a friend, philosopher and guide to the addicted individual.

There will be several instances in during the program when the individual would feel that being treated is just not worth it. Also, the individual may feel the urge to get back to his or her addiction and forget the whole thing. It is at this time that the family actually comes into the picture, when they act as a supporting and emotional crutch to the person addicted to alcohol.

4. Attending the Family Counseling Programs: Of course, there are several programs that the family itself can attend to ensure that the family member addicted has a quick and incident free treatment and gets de-addicted at the earliest.

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