Making Your Charity Fundraising Idea a Success

This rule applies anywhere, but it requires reiteration: a good charity fundraising idea does not make a great event. A good idea is important as it can attract potential donors, but it is not enough. To a make the event a success, there are things the charitable fundraising organizers should do and make sure of. Here are a couple of details that help make a charity fundraising event a success:

Use Resources

Use every resource in the organization to the advantage of the charity fundraising. This includes materials, equipment, and even manpower. Other tools available include online functions and features. Use the Internet to promote the event – social networking sites, blogs, and discussion forums are some of the best online places where one can promote the charitable PTO fundraising ideas event.

Be Motivating

Most of the people involved with the charity fundraiser are involved on a volunteer basis. Therefore, it is best if the organizers keep the volunteers motivated so they will continue to do well. Use motivational tools like the fundraising thermometer, a gauge which can be acquired online. This fundraising thermometer can measure the progress of the charity fundraising effort – something which could inspire and motivate the volunteers to do well. Volunteers help because of their intention to assist certain causes. Making sure they feel motivated and appreciated are the least the organizers can do.

Plan Cost-effectively

Non-profit organizations are always holding charity fundraisers to collect funds for their cause and their programs. Therefore, they hold numerous events a year. But not all these efforts are successful – or if they are, some are more successful than the others. Instead of holding all these events, the non-profit organization should focus on the efforts that make the most amount of money instead. Expand the effort in order to maximize its revenue-making potential. This tactic will help save the money of non-profit organizations.

Increase Donor Appreciation

Make sure donors feel appreciated when they support charity fundraising events, especially when they take the effort to help immediately. Reward early birds; a small token would do and it will make them feel important. This could motivate them to support future charity fundraisers of the organization.

Follow Up

Plan post-event tactics. Much of the success of the charity fundraisers is not on the actual funds located during the event; the success can also depend on the contacts collected during the charity fundraiser. These contacts will prove to be beneficial later on, when the organization needs companies and individuals to contact during time of need (when looking for sponsorship, for example). It is important to have close connections with these established contacts since it will be difficult to regain them once the organization has lost them or if the company or individual has lost contact with the organization. Think up of ways to keep the contacts and past donors on the loop, so it will be easier for the organization to contact them once help is needed.

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