It’s Arriving Soon – The Playstation 3 And The Difficult Task Of Trying to Get One

There are plenty of people who play video games out there. Some people only have enough money to buy one system and stick with it, like the PlayStation 2 or XBOX. Then there are others that will buy and play every console system on the market, as well as any game they can get their hands on. Well, the time has come for a new next-gen system to hit the market. The only current next-gen system out is the XBOX 360, but in a few weeks that will all change with the arrival of the long awaited PlayStation 3. Even if you don’t like to play video games, there is still a large chance you have heard about this upcoming gaming system, as it is said to be the Holy Grail of consoles; which is probably why it costs as much as it does.

Before you can go out and just get a PlayStation 3, you need to find out some info on the PlayStation 3. The good news is that this video gaming console system has the operating power of a “super” computer and will play movies, CDs, DVDs, and of course PlayStation ps5 game, with an outstanding quality and performance. The bad news, which was the same basic bad news with the XBOX 360, is that its a bit pricey and many people will be eager to get their hands on one. So what exactly does that mean for you? Well, as you can already imagine, a very large dent in you wallet, as well as a very long waiting time. The dent will equal around $500-$700. Yeah, thats right half a grand on a gaming system. For some, thats not a problem. However, most people can not afford to drop that type of cash on a video game console. If you don’t have the money, you’re basically out of luck and you are going to need to wait a few years for the prices to drop. However, if money is not an issue, your one step closer to getting one of these next-gen systems.

OK, you got the money, now what? Well, the simple thing would be to just buy the system, right? Yeah, thats true, but the system won’t be coming out for a few weeks, so there goes that plan. If you have waited this long and you suddenly realize you want a PlayStation 3, there’s not a whole lot you can do in order to get it immediately. Unfortunately, there will probably not be stores offering a pre-order option anymore, as the lists will have already been filled to the brim long before. Thats not to say you won’t get a PlayStation 3, when it launches on November 17, 2006, but considering that Christmas is just around the corner, its going to be very difficult.

Getting a PlayStation 3, without a pre-order and before Christmas is going to be one tough challenge, but it can be done. Call around to different stores and try and collect some information. You will usually get the same general info from most stores, such as “You need to get on a list” and “Its going to be hard to get one this time of year”. No matter what answers you get, be sure to ask about shipping dates and getting on the stores list. Most stores will give this information out freely, giving you a bit of a head start on the other consumers who aren’t quite as smart as yourself. Remember to keep searching stores and see what turns up.

If you don’t need the PlayStation 3 as soon as it launches and you have some measure of patience, then don’t sweat it. Just wait a month or two and there should be an abundance of PlayStation 3 consoles to buy from several locations. Either way, your getting a remarkable game system, but how you get it is entirely up to you.



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