Getting the Most From Cheap Flight Websites

How cheap flight websites work – Cheap flight websites sell blocks of seats on airline flights to many different destinations. Because they guarantee to sell a specific number of tickets per airline, they purchase the tickets at a lower price than what is offered to the single consumer. The websites pass the savings on to the customers who use their sites to purchase tickets. Each website has a search engine, which sorts the tickets by airline, destination, number of stops, dates of departure and return, seat assignment, departure time, one-way or round-trip, number of tickets, price, and/or origin of flight. You choose the flight, which best suits your needs or best fits your budget.

The customer who shops earliest saves the most. If you are willing to travel to more remote airports, leave and return on off-peak days (like Tuesday) or take late-night flights, you can save more because these tickets are harder for the website to sell. Often, cheap flight websites will offer package deals to certain destinations based on tickets they purchased at a discount. Choosing your destination from the website’s offerings can save you more money than single trip tickets. Bundling hotel and car rental with your airline tickets can earn you a discount from the website even if you choose your own destination.

Comparing cheap Flights websites – An internet search will return thousands of results for discounted airfare websites. Smart shoppers compare the ticket prices at three or more websites before purchasing their tickets. Some smaller websites will offer cheaper tickets because they do not have a large advertising budget for television, radio or print ads. These websites can operate with a smaller profit margin and pass the savings directly to the customer. Savvy browsers shop websites by getting a ticket quote from each website in a different Internet browser tab. Once all of the quotes are in, you can flip from tab to tab to choose the best-valued tickets. Some cheap flight websites will search other websites to find the lowest priced tickets. These sites save you time while saving you money. Be sure to check the accuracy of these crawler sites by checking with the official website before you purchase to ensure you have gotten an accurate quote for your ticket price.

Perks and rewards from cheap flight websites – Many websites offer perks to their return customers. If you have booked from a website before, they reward your loyalty. Perks include discounted car rentals, flights and/or hotel bookings; coupons for shopping, dining out, or entertainment; or reward points to be redeemed for travel or merchandise. To increase the amount of your rewards, purchase your tickets with a frequent flyer, reward point or cash back credit card. You will earn rewards twice for your ticket purchase. Check with your airline to see if tickets purchased through a cheap flight website qualify toward your frequent flyer program, and you could hit the Trifecta!

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