Five Significant Pitfalls When Choosing a Plumber

Research the market

It is absolutely imperative that an individual carries out adequate research when searching for a perfect plumber. Too many members of society succumb to the belief that simply because a plumber is listed in the phone book, or has web page, then he must be a reputable tradesman. Unfortunately this is frequently not the case, and being taken in by an unqualified or disreputable plumber can often result in costly mistakes and a bad job.

There is often no financial recompense for the angry customer. Depending on the nature of the job in question, it is really the responsibility of the customer to ensure that he hires the right tradesperson for the right job. You would kick yourself at the end of the job, if you discovered that your superb and cost effective bathroom Plumber Mount Annan was in effect, more of a gas heating engineer in disguise.

Ensure the price is right

Let us assume that once you have sourced the perfect person to carry out the job in hand, that you have been given the right price for the job. You do not want to find yourself in the situation where the optimal plumber then provides you with a less than attractive invoice. It is essential that when you have decided exactly whose plumbing services you wish to employ, that you are provided with a very realistic price quotation.

There is nothing more irksome than having to stump up an extra £300 because the tiles had to be imported from Malta, when you thought they were coming from the local DIY store. Ensure both parties are in agreement over the quotation, and that it is clear whether the invoice includes VAT. Terms and conditions of payment should also be made clear.

Time is money

Now that you have found the right service for the job, whether it be a bathroom refit or the installation of a heating system on a large scale, it is essential that some realistic idea of a timeline is known in advance. Time is money for both parties and it is unproductive for a bathroom refitting to take three months, or for the plumber to take on further jobs during the original job.

In a given situation where a heating and ventilation system is to be installed in a hotel project in Glasgow, any violation of the original timescale proves financially unproductive for the hotel.

Legal Gas Safe Register requirements

In any situation where the usage of Gas forms part of any project, there are very strict guidelines which must be observed. If plumbers are called in to resurrect a defective water piping system, they do not have to be registered with a Gas register. The legal Gas registration requirements in the UK and Isle of Man have changed since 1st April 2009.

Up until this time any heating or plumbing specialist working with gas appliances had to be registered with Corgi Gas, and from the 1st April 2009, Corgi was replaced with Gas Safe.

Dangers of plumbing DIY

One of the great nuances of the British public is their love of DIY projects, but there comes a time where an individual can take on more than he can chew. There are many plumbing and heating pitfalls to be aware of, and plumbing services are often called out to remedy a situation whereby the individual has not gauged the enormity of the task.



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