Finding the Best Part Time Jobs For College Students

Getting through college can be very difficult, especially financially. Many college students are notoriously and constantly broke or close to it. But they all seem to somehow scrounge up extra money for that weekend partying and other certain “necessities.” So how do they do it? Many of them are working some of the best part time jobs for college students.

Before submitting applications all over town, always first explore the job opportunities being offered on campus. Many colleges offer work study programs, which give on-campus job preferences to financially struggling students. A lot of these programs will simply place students with a campus job that they can then maintain for their entire stay at the school. Some campus jobs only pay minimum wage, while others may pay more. Several work study programs offer pay increases for each year that a student has been in the program.

The hotel industry is another place to turn to for a decent job while achieving a secondary education. Getting a job as a desk clerk or a hotel jobs online maid can be a fairly simple job to help students earn some extra cash. Some hotel jobs can pay upwards of $9 per hour, which can go a long way for a college student.

Babysitting has always been a great side job for anyone, and this does not discount the collegiate scholar. Those with less experience can expect to earn around minimum wage for their babysitting services, whereas students with five or more years of experience can earn around $9 per hour for watching someone’s children. One of the major benefits to a babysitting job is that it is much more flexible and can more easily be worked around any student’s class or study schedule.

College can often times become extremely expensive, especially when students factor in the expense of extracurricular activities. Living on a college budget is not impossible, though. Some of the best part time jobs for college students can be found just around the corner.


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