Fight Your Fear Of The Chair: An Introduction To Dental Instruments

Nobody likes visiting the dentist! The noise and the fear of getting in the chair puts plenty of people off of this important regular checkup that ensures oral hygiene and a happy, healthy smile. A visit to the dentist shouldn’t be scary at all and, whether you’re trying to calm the kids’ nerves or your own, a little education into the ways and methods of dentistry can help put your mind at rest.

Tools of the trade

One of main reasons that people freak out when they get into a Dental Handpiece Manufacturer is the set of tools that a dentist uses. Noisy drills and sharp looking instruments can be a little intimidating – but when you get to know what each is used for they don’t seem quite as scary anymore.

Dental drill

The trademark noise of any dentist’s office is that of the high-speed drill used during procedures. While it might sound menacing, its actual use, to remove decay and shape the teeth before a filling or crown, doesn’t sound so bad! Many might know it as a “drill”, but the proper name for this device is a “dental handpiece”.


The bur is the ‘drill bit’-like piece that fits in the dental drill. Made from strong metals and sometimes coated with diamond, the bur has to be durable enough to shape and work away at teeth while the dental drill is in operation.

Dental excavator

It sounds a bit like mining equipment, doesn’t it? Excavators come in a number of shapes and sizes to investigate cavities, remove decay and test for overhangs.

Mouth prop

Mouth props are used to help children keep their mouths open while they’re in the chair. Dentistry is obviously difficult work, and young-ones sometimes have trouble sitting still during the whole procedure! A mouth prop is made from a rubber material, wedge-shaped and is available in different sizes to suit every patient.

Mouth mirror

Perhaps the least intimidating of all of the dental instruments! The mouth mirror is used to get a good glimpse of every tooth from every angle. Finding cavities and other problems would be nearly impossible without one.

Don’t fear the dentist! Sure it’s sometimes a little intimidating climbing in the chair but overcoming the nervousness means better dental hygiene and a smaller chance of expensive, painful emergency dental work in the future. Get to know the basic dental instruments and make your regular checkup nothing to be scared of.


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