Dating Advice – Using The Walk Away Technique At A Bar or Club

This is a great technique to use when picking up a woman at a bar or club. Approach a woman and start a conversation with her. After a few minutes, once you have her attention, tell you that you’ll be back. Then go back and hang out with your friends. This will get her thinking several things. First of all, it will tell her that you’re there to have a good time with your friends and that you’re not desperately trying to meet someone. It will also get her hoping that you’ll come back. She’ll be wondering if she was interesting or good looking enough. She’ll be hoping and praying that you come back so that she knows she’s “good enough” for you.

Also, this instantly puts you in control of the situation. You are now in the driver seat. You have shown that you don’t need her. This shows her that you’re not a needy guy and that she’s not all that important to you yet. Now when you go back over to talk to her a second time, she’ll actually have to work to keep you there. She won’t want you to walk away again. She’ll do her best to “lose you” for a second time”.

Now walk back over after a while and finish what you started. Make sure that when you come back you look as if you could walk away again at any given moment. Keep your body on an angle and take a few steps back every once in a while as if you may walk away again.

Girls are not stupid. Girls in a big club Tavern in Bellingham or bar will always ask you who you came with that night. You don’t want to be that guy who points in twenty directions looking for his friends.

Hanging with her friends and having fun with them will always help you in terms of how a woman will perceive you. After you have fun and really connect with her, then you can pull her aside and decide whether you want her number or whether you want to go for a quick hook-up. Either way, your follow-up should be made within 24 hours.


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