Building Your Fundraising Advertising Team

The importance of having an advertising team for your fundraising campaign is very essential. This team will give you the advantage of having a good number of customers coming into your fundraising events since people in your community know that you are organizing such activity. Without a good advertising team to back-up your efforts, chances are people will not be able to participate in your fundraiser thereby decreasing your chance of reaching success.

Your promotion team should always be composed of dedicated and hard-working volunteers since you are operating on a tight budget. Chances are, you will not have enough funds to pay for people to work for you since you are just doing this for non-profit purposes so make sure that you can get dedicated individuals to work for you with passion. Before you can start training your volunteers to PTO fundraising ideas for you, you need to recruit them first. In recruiting people, you need to make sure that they know what will be their tasks and responsibilities so that they won’t be expecting more in your fundraiser. Describe the kind of job that you would be giving them since they have the right to know how they are going to function in your events. This would also give them a good insight in the inner-workings of your team as well as your goals and objectives. You need to review which of your potential volunteers are ideal for the job since not all people are well-suited for the job. After you have chosen your advertising volunteers, the next important step is to train them in order for them to do the job properly and efficiently. Even though some of your volunteers have already experienced on how to advertise for fundraising, it is still important to refresh them of their knowledge. Teach them first the different advertising techniques that fundraising activities utilize such as giving out flyers, posting large signboards, placing ads on newspapers and community boards and promoting your fundraiser in social networking sites. Even though there are different ways on how to advertise your fundraising project, it is still highly recommended to stick to one that is very effective. You can still employ every fundraising tactic possible but you should have your main advertising strategy since it would take time to utilize them all.

In advertising, there are certain things that your volunteers need to learn. As you have noticed, most of the time when people receive flyers they would throw them right away before reading because they are not interested. In order to make sure that they have read your flyers before anything you need to make sure that they are very appealing at the first look.

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