Benefits of Opal Gemstones

Above all, opal is considered to be one of the substitute stones for diamonds. Another alternative to diamond is a zircon. Naturally cold, Opal stone is known for its calming properties. This stone corresponds to Libra and serves as the zodiac sign for this birthstone. Libra helps instill hope and a positive outlook on life. The stone’s name derives from three sources, including Opalus (Latin), Opalliois (Greek), and Upala, a word derived from the Sanskrit language. All of the above words have the same meaning as “precious”. One of the stone’s main characteristics is the strong light display when passing through fluorescent light. This phenomenon is called opalescence.

The stone is also mentioned in old English literature. In fact, the famous English poet Shakespeare gave this stone the title “Queen of Gems”. Another well-known historian, Pliny, also mentioned this precious stone in one of his writings.

Opal gemstone is worn for many different purposes. Wearing this gem adds extra charm to your personality. This jewel will make your presence pleasant in front of the opposite sex. In addition, it strengthens your planet Venus by reducing its negative effects. Venus is a planet full of beauty, romance, dating and charm. It is particularly beneficial for those working in the tourism, hotel and dairy industries. Other than mentioned above, the stone serves as a great savior when you are going through a difficult period in your married life. In fact, from an astrological point of view, this stone is considered the ultimate solution to the questions surrounding love and marriage. This gem is sure to bring you all the worldly comforts and luxuries.

Fire opal is a variant of the opal stone. In ancient times, this stone was considered the ultimate epitome of love and companionship. Fire opals mostly come in shades of yellow, red, or orange. Mexico and Brazil are two hotspots for excavating this stone. It reflects fidelity, security and religious devotion. For this reason, it is considered the most valuable stone, apart from being rare and expensive. The gem also has numerous therapeutic benefits. For example, it helps boost metabolism and provides energy. In addition, it helps in curing vision problems. The gemstone is known solely for its amazing healing powers.

This gemstone helps develop the wearer’s intuition so that he or she can have a better perspective on life. A pure form of this stone is quite rare and expensive. In addition, it allows better control over emotions. Mainly it is worn as a loose gemstone shape. However, there are also exclusive pieces of jewelry set with opal.

You can also find the above stone in an online store. Opal varieties available online can be Australian Opals, Boulder Opals, etc. The price varies depending on the quality.

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